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About Us

Little Brinks started when Danny and Kath were asked to come to Elsies River and have their foster daughter meet her biological mother for the first time. While waiting for the social they saw grannies, babies and children waiting for social workers to give them food and clothing parcels as they had taken in more kids through the week and didn’t have anything for them.

Right there Kath looked at Danny and said: “We need to do something!”

That year they held the first of many Christmas parties and the following year started taking in kids in emergency situations for the night so social workers could find them a safe long-term home. They opened a soup kitchen at Buren High school in Brooklyn and also started a matric dance room where girls can borrow a dress and shoes making it possible for her to look like a princess, for free.

Since starting the soup kitchen, they have also started feeding programs at creches in Du Noon and in Hout Bay, where they found many kids that were going to bed hungry because their parents, while good people, just cannot find work.

ALL CHILDREN MATTER and all children should have someone telling them that they can be anything they put their minds to.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that each and every child and baby, has a place of safety, food and clothing.  We have seen far too many cases of abuse – some of which will continue to live with us forever. That said, we are now absolutely dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these little people – helping those who cannot be heard or speak for themselves.

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