What We Do and How You Can Get Involved

What We Do

  • Safe house establishment & operation
  • Community projects
  • Educational programs
  • Skills Development programs
  • Family support
    • Day-to-day
    • Emergency
  • Feeding schemes – Soup kitchens & school feeding schemes
  • Clothing items & Food collection and drop off
  • Homeless assistance
  • Sport programs
  • Counselling
  • Job creation and skills training
  • School programs

Get Involved

Understand The Process

We work through social workers in the specific areas that are in need of help and we do this so that it helps the family with getting grants and getting their children into schools as well as helping register children and getting birth certificates which many do not have. We then meet families and see what they need and how we can help.

Christmas Party

Each year we choose an organisation that we work with and get 250 children together from the community that we know and spoil the kids with food, juice and a present for each child.

Information Sessions

One of our goals at Little Brinks is to have a fundraiser and information session at least twice a year


We are always looking for drop off places where donations can be dropped off and we can collect from as well as hands that can help sort, wash and go through the donations that we receive and then people to come spend time with the kids in the morning in the week.

Every Helping Hand Counts and if you would like to get involved, simply

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